Keglim Laufer is a prominent lecturer, a diamond consultant, a unique jewel designer.

Keglim Laufer,
creator of beautiful jewellery.

About Keglim

Keglim Laufer is a prominent lecturer and diamond consultant with a career that started at Coster Diamonds, Amsterdam, one of the most prominent jewel houses of Europe.

While working there, Coster Diamonds was commissioned by Prince Albert with the repolishing of the "Koh-I-Noor" or "Mountain of Light", a blue-white diamond which is part of England's crown jewels that can be viewed in the Tower of London.

Keglim trained privately in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Israel, and London and acquired expertise in both rough and polished diamonds - and so began her passion for jewellery design.

In 1995 Keglim was solely responsible for the opening and management of the Coster Diamonds branch in London.

With enhanced personal attention to clients in mind, Keglim left Coster Diamonds in 2001 to establish Keglim Laufer LTD.

The enterprise, based on the idea of offering top class jewellery design and exquisite materials, has thrived to become the highly successfully, bespoke jewellery design boutique known today all over the world.